English Teaching Assistant

 English Teaching Assistant
  1. Details of Position:
  • To support the teacher and complete teaching assistant duties
  • To supervise and assist children during the class.
  • To complete administrative tasks
  • Gender: None
  • Nationality: Vietnamese
  • Character: Humorous, funny, friendly, dynamic and responsible person.
  • Teaching location: No. 16 Tran TuBinh, Nghia Tan ward, CauGiay Dist., Ha Noi.
  1. Roles and responsibilities:
  • Check registers, attendance in the first lesson of each new term.
  • Prepare materials and document for the teacher
  • Motivate students to participate in classroom activities
  • Spend an appropriate time on each children according to individual needs
  • Explain to children anything they don’t understand but only if requested by the teacher
  • Assist teachers with setting up the classroom and with student’s work displays according to the lesson’s requirements.  
  • Assist teachers/parents if they want to speak to each other about a child’s progress.
  • Make teachers aware of any relevant issues such as a student who has come to class unhappy.
  • Speak English at all times, except when the message cannot be conveyed in English, e.g. complicated background information or when a student is seriously distressed or in the case of serious behavioral issues.
  • Conduct course surveys with students and teachers as required
  • Mark homework during class hour
  • Participating in mandatory monthly training workshops and meetings
  1. Supervision
  • Be responsible for students before/after class and at break times
  • Be in class 30 minutes before class starts and during break time to provide activities for students (eg. Review previous lessons, check home work/ play games/songs).
  • Encourage the use of English by talking to children in English while they are playing at break times
  • Supervise children who need to leave the classroom, if required
  • Ensure children do not enter restricted areas and do not cause disturbances on the premises
  • Be prepared to wait for 30 minutes after class to ensure that all students are picked up by their parent.
  1. Requirement and qualifications:
  • At least 1 year of working experience in the related field
  • Intermediate level English ability.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, any field
  • Communication skills
  • Administration skills
  • Computing skills
  1.  Benefits of teaching:
  • Salary and Benefits: based on experience and qualification (Salary can be negotiable and depends on your level of experience)
  • Annual leave and national holidays
  • Professional development opportunities
  1. Others:
  • Interested applicants should submit a CV with updated photo, a cover letter, relevant qualifications and contact information. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • For further information, please contact:
    Address: Human Resource Department, IEnglish,  No. 16 Tran TuBinh, Nghia Tan ward, CauGiay District, Viet Nam.
         Email: hr@ienglish.vn
         Tel.: 04 6269 0111
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